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A simple phpunit.xml configuration example 1

In case you don’t have one here is an example of a simple phpunit.xml configuration file. A best practice when using these files is to specify directory locations with the location of phpunit.xml as the include path. You can enforce this with the command line argument like so: Hope this […]

Agile SDK – PHP + XAMPP + Windows 7 2

Windows update Install JRE Create a folder C:\eclipse\workspace Install eclipse pdt Install xampp –win32-1.81-vc9 Install PHPUnit with PEAR 12345678pear clear-cache pear upgrade pear pear update-channels pear upgrade –alldeps -f pear channel-discover pear channel-discover pear channel-discover pear install –alldeps phpunit/PHPUnit Install Xdebug plugin php.ini […]