Auto Graphics

Automated Graphic Design Tool

This tool automates the process of creating maps which contain business logos. These are known as ‘aerials’ in the commercial real estate industry. The purpose of the aearial is to included it as part of a proposal to commercial property owners. The proposal contains information about the property which would help the property owner determine if the proposed property is a worthwhile investment. One thing in particular which helps investors make this determination is which well known retail outlets are located nearby.

Traditionally an assistant would take a satellite view screen shot with the property in question at the center. Then the assistant would search for nearby businesses. Once businesses are identified an image is placed on the appropriate location either using Adobe Photoshop or MS paint. The tool below automates the process of creating this visual so users do not have to spend nearly an hour creating this. In this way the tool automates the graphics design process required to create an aerial. This tool works anywhere in the US.

The following table provides an estimate of the dollar per hour value which I delivered to Marcus & Millichap through the application.

Number of closings in 2011 5085
Percentage of closings per listing 85%
Number of listings in 2011 5982.35
Number of proposals per listing 5.00
Number of proposals in 2011 29911.76
percentage of brokers who include arial maps in proposals 50%
Number of proposals which included arial maps in 2011 14955.88
Hours to create arial map per proposal 1.00
Average hourly wage for data entry assistant $13.81
Cost per proposal to create arial maps $13.81
Total cost for Marcus agents to create proposals with arial maps in 2011 $206,540.74
Est lifetime of project in years 1
Est lifetime value of project $206,540.74
Discount rate 253.25%
discounted cost of project $58,468.71
annual cost of project $58,468.71
monthly cost of project $4,872.39
daily cost of project $160.19
Hours to create automated system 120
est cost per hour $487.24

Here is a link to the original Automated Graphic Design Tool. The tool is not regularly maintained. So it may not work from time to time due to updates with the Google API.

This tool was later licensed to A working module can be found integrated into their application.