Interactive Information Retrieval System

The complete details of this system are not available because a patent is currently being pursued by the directors of The following expert from the filed provisional patent is the property of the and should not be used or duplicated in any way in whole or in part.

Field of the Invention
“The present invention relates to interactive information retrieval
systems and, more particularly, to methods and systems for obtaining the most
relevant and up-to-date information directly from multiple related data sources.
The methods and systems of the present invention make use of web page
elements used in search pages to gain access to real-time data from multiple data
sources and consolidates the search results by matching the meaning of the
search terms. Comprehension of data is what the technology of the present
invention is designed to provide. Not only does this technology make up-to-date
and relevant data, otherwise inaccessible, accessible, it also makes future
searches easier by keeping profiles of individual data sources and automatically
updating them when search pages are updated by data source owners.”