WP Aweber Plugin

The Purpose

The purpose of this project was to develop an easy to use method of sending customized suggestions based on the test scores generated by the WordPress plugin Watu.

The Project

A key component of the functionality involved sending the customized message to aWeber so the test taker’s email could be captured and a customized suggestion/message could be sent as a follow up based on test results.


An issue that had to be worked around was aWeber’s custom fields were limited to 84 characters. To solve this problem, I used str_split($string,84) to break the string into 84 char chunks and then sent each chunk as a separate custom field to aWeber.

There is no limit to the number of chunks but if more than 504 (6 x 84) characters is desired one needs to modify the wp_watu_suggestions table suggestion, increase the textarea maxlength property, and change the max number of chunks and chunk length.

Adaptable Design

The plug-in modification allows a variable number of suggestions and allows for custom ranges to be created and modified at any point. Users can place as many %%SUGGESTIONi%% as they want in the score page replacing i with any number depending on how many chunks the suggestion is divided into.

The default max number of chunks and chunk length is 6 and 84 respectively and can be modified in the WatuSuggestion class.

You can see it implemented on

The clean object oriented design makes it easy & fast to deploy in multiple wp environments.


Code available
Custom Aweber Follow Up – Watu.zip (includes wp_watu_suggestion.sql)