A simple phpunit.xml configuration example 1

In case you don’t have one here is an example of a simple phpunit.xml configuration file. A best practice when using these files is to specify directory locations with the location of phpunit.xml as the include path. You can enforce this with the command line argument like so: Hope this […]

Agile SDK – PHP + XAMPP + Windows 7 2

Windows update Install JRE Create a folder C:\eclipse\workspace Install eclipse pdt Install xampp –win32-1.81-vc9 Install PHPUnit with PEAR 12345678pear clear-cache pear upgrade pear pear update-channels pear upgrade –alldeps -f pear channel-discover pear channel-discover pear channel-discover pear install –alldeps phpunit/PHPUnit Install Xdebug plugin php.ini […]

The Energy of Thinking Agile

The organizations which figure out the true benefits of Agile are the ones who race past their competitors. I have found that most start-ups are about 5-10 times more efficient than larger corporations (though my experience with large corporations is limited). When employees spend the majority of their time creating […]

What’s a story point estimate?

Here’s a great video that explains what a story point is and why its useful. If you are interested in entire agile planning process and methods you can view the whole thing. If you just want to know what a story point is and how to estimate it just watch […]

A Weighty Matter for the Daily Scrum

The problem of some individuals rambling on and on and on and on … during the daily scrum has been with us probably since the first sprint. I recently came across a brilliant technique to help encourage people to keep it short. Whoever is giving their update during the daily […]

Define: Release Plan 2

What’s a “Release Plan?” Release planning is usually the first step when launching an agile project. It involves requirements gathering, developing use case examples and filling the product backlog with large user stories/high level requirements. A high level requirement in Agile is often referred to as an “epic.” Although the release plan […]