The Usefulness Test

Maximizing the amount of work not done was quite elusive to me until I started to think about it more as a test of only doing things that are useful. I think what the Agile Manifesto founders had in mind with this principle is to exclude non-value added work from the process. […]

Three types of agile metrics

The story behind this post I work for a large company attempting a transformation. Our fearless leader, lets call him Jim, and technically the manager of the agile coaches, asked the coaches to present metrics about the teams that we were coaching. I think the intent was for us to be […]

How to merge 2 PHP Code Sniffer or Clover xml reports

Sometimes you need to have two separate rule sets for PHP Code Sniffer. In my case I have one rule set for the source code and another rule set for the unit tests. However, when you have 2 separate rule sets you cannot get a single report, so my solution […]

Coaching Trinity

Agile Coaching Trinity 1

Often times our role as Agile coaches involves more than just coaching. We are often called to function as mentors and consultants as well. One way coaching, mentorship, and consulting can be differentiated is like this: Coach: Identifies problems Mentor: Teaches problem solving Consultant: Solves problems The coaching role of […]

Challenging People – A common pitfall for managers and coaches 2

Challenging someone without first instilling confidence can lead to disaster and is a common pitfall for many managers and coaches. When you challenge people do it in a way that inspires them instead of discourages them. When people feel challenged they should also feel capable of success but not helpless. Before […]


Agile Collaboration Tools Review

I recently came across an opportunity to conduct an agile collaboration tools review. I’ll break it into 3 sections since some tools have distinctly different purposes. Tools are ranked from best (#1) to worst (#1+x). 1. Video & voice conferencing #1.    is by far the best tool for video and […]



Agile CoachBut

In 2009 Dr. Jeff Sutherland, a co-founder of Scrum, spoke at Google about the ‘secret formula‘ that makes Scrum work. Jeff also described what he called “ScrumBut” a phenomena in which organizations/teams would say that they are doing Scrum, but under certain circumstances would not do particular things described in the […]

PHP Pear Package Install Issues on Windows

Sometimes you might see this when updating or installing packages for PHP PEAR on windows Or This can happen on both xampp and wamp setups if the permissions aren’t set correctly The solution is to open your command line as administrator like so

pear instal issues

A simple phpunit.xml configuration example

In case you don’t have one here is an example of a simple phpunit.xml configuration file. A best practice when using these files is to specify directory locations with the location of phpunit.xml as the include path. You can enforce this with the command line argument like so: Hope this […]